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Changing toner density setting .: Support
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Printer Support - Help with troubleshooting laser and inkjet printers
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Browsing In Home > Support > Troubleshooting > Hewlett Packard > LJ 4200/4300 > Changing toner density setting Glossary of printer troubleshooting terms Glossary Contact Us

Changing toner density setting

Increase the TONER DENSITY setting in the Print Quality submenu. Toner density controls the lightness or darkness of the print on a page. The settings range from 1 (light) to 5 (dark). The default setting is 3. The setting can be increased to 4 or 5 to darken the print. These settings consume more toner than the default setting of 3. If it is not possible to gain access to a menu or item, it is either not an option for the printer, or the associated higher-level option has not been enabled. See the network administrator if a function has been locked. ("ACCESS DENIED MENUS LOCKED" appears on the printer control panel display.)

To change a control panel menu option

Press (Select) to open the menus.

Use (Up Arrow) or (Down Arrow) to scroll to the desired menu, and then press (Select).

Some menus might have several submenus. Use (Up Arrow) or (Down Arrow) to scroll to the desired submenu item, and then press (Select).

Use (Up Arrow) or (Down Arrow) to scroll to the setting, and then press (Select). Some settings change rapidly if (Up Arrow) or (Down Arrow) is held down. An asterisk (*) appears next to the selection on the display, indicating that it is now the default.

Press Pause/Resume to exit the menu.

NOTE: Settings in the printer driver and program override control panel settings. (Program settings override printer driver settings.)

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