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59.3 and 59.4 Errors Related to Fuser/Delivery Motor .: Support
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Printer Support - Help with troubleshooting laser and inkjet printers
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Browsing In Home > Support > Troubleshooting > Hewlett Packard > LJ 9000/9050 > 59.3 and 59.4 Errors Related to Fuser/Delivery Motor Glossary of printer troubleshooting terms Glossary Contact Us

59.3 and 59.4 Errors Related to Fuser/Delivery Motor

This document will aid in troubleshooting 59.0, 59.1, 59.2, 59.3, and 59.4 errors encountered on the LaserJet 9000 and LaserJet 9000 MFP series printers. The 59.0, 59.1, and 59.2 errors relate to the main motor, also known as the drum feed drive motor. The 59.3 and 59.4 errors relate to the fuser/delivery motor. Parts required are listed in the appropriate sections.59.1 errors upon boot up have been known to be caused by issues with line voltage that may be caused by surge protectors. 59.0, 59.1, and 59.2 errors

These errors deal with the main motor, also known as the Drum Feed Drive Motor. This motor provides drive to the drum in the print cartridge, the registration roller, and the registration pre-roller.

The error messages and respective causes are shown below.


Motor error


Motor Startup error


Motor Rotation error

NOTE: The following troubleshooting steps can and should be performed with the customer before a CSO is dispatched.

Have the customer power cycle the printer.

For 59.1 errors upon boot up, have the customer try the printer on a different power source. If it is on a surge protector have them remove the printer from the it and plug it directly into the wall and power up the printer.

Have them replace or swap print cartridge. If no print cartridge is available, inspect the current print cartridge for any damage and reseat. If the error persists, dispatch a technician with the following parts:

Print Cartridge


Drum Drive Feed Assembly (includes main motor)


Registration Assembly


DC Controller *


Main Cable Harness *


* Denotes optional parts

Technician troubleshooting instructions - 59.0, 59.1, and 59.2 errors

Replace the print cartridge and test to see if error persists.

Determine whether or not the Main Motor itself is failing, as this part is relatively easy to replace. To determine main motor failure:

Take off the main motor but leave it plugged in. Hold it in your hand. (Be careful not to grasp the motor casing as it will rotate on power-up), see Figure 1.

Figure 1: Testing the Main Motor

Power cycle the printer. During initialization the main motor will energize and rotate for a few seconds. If printer comes to READY, the problem is not with the main motor but with one of the components it drives. Replace the Drum Drive Feed Assembly and Registration Assembly.

If the 59.x error persists or motor does not rotate, replace just the Main Motor (comes with the Drum Drive Feed Assembly).

If the 59.x error persists or motor does not rotate after replacing the above parts, reseat cable connection J212 at the DC Controller and J60 on the Main Motor PCA.

If problem still continues, replace DC Controller and Main Cable Harness.

59.3 and 59.4 errors

The 59.3 and 59.4 errors are related to the fuser/delivery motor but were left out of the service manual. A 59.3 error indicates an abnormal fuser motor start. A 59.4 error indicates a fuser motor rotation error.

The fuser is customer replaceable. Before sending a CE, ask the customer if there is another fuser at the site available for troubleshooting. If it is determined that the fuser is the cause of the issue, ask the customer if they will accept a replacement fuser which they can install on their own. If the fuser is not the cause of the error or if the customer refuses having a fuser sent to them, continue creating the case and attach the Work Instruction.

Note in the case notes for the CE to verify the customer has power cycled the printer and tried a different fuser before going on site.



Fuser/Delivery Motor


Fuser/Delivery Drive * (see Technicians note below)


* Denotes optional parts

TECHNICIANS: The Fuser Delivery Drive assembly will rarely ever need to be replaced for any issue. If a defective Fuser Delivery Drive assembly is suspected call HP Support for further assistance. The procedure to replace it is not in the Service Manual.

Technician troubleshooting instructions - 59.3 and 59.4 errors

The recommended actions are as follows:

Power cycle the printer and verify error is still present.

Reseat the fuser and power cycle the printer to see if error is still present.

Replace the fuser assembly.

Check and reseat the cable connections at the fuser motor.

Replace the fuser motor.

2005 Hewlett-Packard

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