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Printer Support - Help with troubleshooting laser and inkjet printers
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Blinking Attention Light

HP LaserJet 1320 Series Printer - The printer displays an orange blinking attention light which will not clear. This usually indicates one of the following issues have occurred. Perform the following in the order provided to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

1. Insufficient power. Disconnect the power cord from any surge protectors or power strips and plug the unit directly into an electrical wall outlet.

2.There is a paper jam in the printer.

3.The top cover is open. Open the top cover, reseat the print cartridge, and close the top cover, making certain it is shut properly.

4. No paper was loaded in tray 2 or the tray was not loaded properly causing a mispick. Perform the following steps to load tray 2.

A. Pull the tray out of the printer and remove any paper.

B. Move the blue side width guide outward to match the paper size that is being loaded. Locate the blue guide pointer on the left side of the tray. If using a letter-size (8.5 by 11 inch) paper, match the guide point with the LTR/LGL engraving located on the bottom, left-side of the lift plate.

C. Locate the blue tab on the rear paper-length guide. Locate the triangle-shaped pointer in the middle-right on the bottom of the tray. Press on the blue tab and adjust it so that the triangle-shaped pointer matches the paper size that is being loaded. If using letter-size (8.5 by 11 inch) paper, match the triangle-shaped pointer with the LTR engraving on the bottom of the tray.

D. Place the paper in the tray and make sure that it is flat at all four corners. Keep the paper below the height down arrows on the paper-length guide in the rear of the tray.

E. Slide the tray back in the printer.

5. The tray 2 paper level indicator is stuck.

6. If the printer comes back to a Ready state, print a Self-Test/Configuration page. If the printer is not in a Ready state, proceed to step 7.

A. Verify the printer is in a Ready state. (The green LED next to the U-shaped icon is on steady and no other lights are on.)

B. Press down on the green GO button until the orange Attention light comes on (approximately 5 seconds), and then immediately release the GO button. The green GO button will begin to blink and a Self-Test/Configuration page will print.

7. If the attention light is still on, perform a cold reset. A cold reset, sets most, but not all, default variables stored in NVRAM back to the factory default values. It typically does not reset the page count, paper tray sizes, localization language, or formatter number. Complete the following to perform a cold reset.

A. Turn the printer off.

B. Press and hold down the green GO button.

C. Turn the printer on and continue to hold the green GO button for at least 5 seconds, but not longer than 15 seconds. During the process, the Attention LED will turn on.

D. Release the GO button.

NOTE: If both the Attention light and the Ready LEDs turn on before the GO button is released, the cold reset procedure must be started over at step 1.

E. The printer LEDs begin cycling. The cold reset process runs until completion and the printer returns to the Ready state.

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