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Printer Support - Help with troubleshooting laser and inkjet printers
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Browsing In Home > Support > Troubleshooting > Hewlett Packard > LJ 4000/4050 > 41.3 Error Glossary of printer troubleshooting terms Glossary Contact Us

41.3 Error

HP LaserJet 4000, and 4050 Series Printers - 41.3 Error Message

Paper Trays

Optional 500-Sheet Tray- C4124A

Leaf Springs- RB1-9033-000CN

Registration Assembly- RG5-2652-070CN

Paper Size Detection PCA's

Internal 500-Sheet Feeder PCA- RG5-2673-000CN

Tray 1 Pick-up Assembly- RG5-2655-100CN

The 41.3 error refers to an unexpected paper size.

NOTE: Do not replace the Laser Scanner or Engine Controller PCA for 41.3 or 41.5 errors.

To fix this error message:

1. Print a paper path to recreate the issue.
2. Print a configuration page from the MP tray.
3. Inspect paper trays, and settings, replacing if damaged.
4. Inspect, and test leaf springs, replacing if damaged.
5. Inspect registration assembly, replacing if damaged.

Print a paper path test to recreate the issue

The paper path test will show which tray is causing the error (if more than one tray is present).

1. Press MENU until Information Menu appears in the display.
2. Press ITEM until Paper Path Test appears in the display.
3. Press SELECT to print the paper path test.
4. Select the Input Tray in question by pressing VALUE until the desired tray is displayed.
5. Press SELECT.
6. Select the Output Bin in question by pressing VALUE until the desired bin is displayed.
7. Press SELECT.
8. Select the Number of Pages by pressing VALUE until the desired number count is displayed.
9. Press SELECT.
10. The paper path test should begin printing.

Inspect paper trays, and settings

1. Check the configuration settings to ensure the default settings match the paper that is being used. The printer will continue trying to print the job until size settings are correct.
2. If the error occurs when printing from Tray 1, adjust Tray 1 = Paper Size from the Control Panel. 3. Inspect the tray guide adjustments. Tray guides should be adjusted snugly, to the correct paper size. Paper size notches should be aligned.
4. If the printer is multifeeding, attempt to recreate the error using paper from a new, unopened ream or a different brand of paper. Paper that is preprinted, that has perforations, or with rough edges can cause multi-feeds. In addition, paper with incorrect fiber content, weight, grain, smoothness (Sheffield), and moisture content can also cause paper feed problems.

NOTE: If multifeeding is occurring from a particular tray, inspect the tray, replacing if damaged.

5. If printing from the Universal 500-Sheet Tray, verify the paper size dial inside the tray reflects the desired setting.
6. Inspect the paper size-sensing levers on the side of the paper tray, replacing the tray if damaged.
7. If the tray sizes listed on the configuration page do not match the tray paper size settings, then inspect and test the leaf springs.

Inspecting and testing leaf springs

1. Remove the paper tray.
2. Scotch tape the paper out sensor so the printer thinks it has paper.
3. Locate the tray size sensing Leaf Springs (located in the printer tray bay). These are silver metal strips that would be in alignment to the levers on the tray.
4. Inspect the springs, replacing them if damaged.
5. Place paper in tray one with the tray set to First.
6. From the rear of the printer, manually depress and hold the two lower springs that sense a letter-size tray while printing a configuration page from tray one.
7. Check the configuration page to verify that letter-size is recognized.

CAUTION: Leaf springs are most easily and safely accessed from the rear of the printer.

8. If the Leaf Springs or tray sensing do not work correctly, replace the springs by first removing the PCA Cover, followed by the PCA. (To remove the PCA Cover, first separate the engine module for the paper feed module).

NOTE: The removal instructions for these procedures are included at the end of this document.

9. If the Leaf Springs are working and the corresponding levers on the tray are not defective, then the Registration Assembly may be damaged. Replace the Registration Assembly.

2005 Hewlett-Packard

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